Welcome to di Sciacca! Known for UNIQUE GLASSWARE. Located in the historic Rowena Theater, home to silent films, it is now a beautifully remodeled glass store located in Downtown Chandler Arizona. Featuring unique hand crafted glassware and one of a kind eclectic home furnishings, di Sciacca has become the place to go for unique glassware and great customer service.

di Sciacca came to life in 2005 when Peter & Sigrid Sciacca decided downtown Chandler would be a great place to showcase their glassware that were only seen in restaurants such as Bubba Gumps, Outback, Red Robin and TGI Fridays to name a few… Prior to di Sciacca, Peter and Sigrid Sciacca’s wholesale glassware company, 1 Source Signature Glassware Inc. only provided to large restaurant chains and liquor companies such as Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Asti and Kahlua. With such a high demand from restaurant customers for small sets of glassware, opening a retail store was the next logical choice. Now doors are open to the public and the web is at your fingertips for online ordering!